Brolly time!

Brollies Galore!

When needs must, one must muster the tools available, must master the muster and shoot the damn photo with a mobile phone.

EXIF data:
Nokia 7230 / 3.2 megapixel camera
Photoshop: noise reduction

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Week XYZ theme!

Since summer has eaten our battle duo’s photo posting frequency, I’m declaring the following theme to remind us from the realities of life!


Now accept your punishment and go in pieces! You have 1½ weeks!

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Bounce, two

Bouncing water droplets

EXIF data to follow…

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Bounce, bounce

Bouncing by the power of noms!

There’s no bounce like dalmatian bounce for airborne noms!

Nikon D50/ auto / 18-55mm
Flash fired
PS: contrast

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#Theme 18 + 19

Start BOUNCING. Go ahead. Trust me, it’s fun. Go, try it.

Edit: Yeah, since neither of us has found the time to bounce around, I do thus declare week 19 also a bouncing week! BOUNCE DAMNIT! BOUNCE!

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As an apology for my long absence, here’s plenty of P:s, all shot tonight.

“P” for “Perfect Catch”


“P” for “Pillow”

cute idea, especially after rain when the pillows are soaked ...

“P” for “pole-and-seagull”


“P” for “Pretty”


“P” for “Puffy-looking-thingys”


Collective EXIF-data:

Canon EOS 550D
55-200 lens
1/100-1/200 sec
Manual program
ISO 800
No flash

PS for levels/crop

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P issing down

Aye, 'tis peeing down all right.

Actually, I kind of enjoy the rain tonight.

Nikon D50/ manual / 70-300 mm
1/50 sec
No flash
Photoshop for colour correction

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